Resources for Parents

Welcome, Moms and Dads!

There are lots of fun ways to engage with your family using the Enzo Kidz characters and books. Help yourselves to these FREE Enzo materials to help make your birthday, Halloween, or Christmas party a hit with the kids!

Enzo-themed Birthday Party Downloadables!

Reading Guides

These guides will help to facilitate discussion around important learning themes presented in the Enzo Kidz books, encourage critical thought, and enrich your young reader’s Enzo experience:

Enzo and the Fourth of July RacesEnzo Fourth of July Reading Guide

Teaching Guide – Reading, writing and math exercises on one side, crossword and word search puzzles on the other.

For Older Kids

Racing in the Rain — My Life as a Dog is the young adult version of Garth Stein’s original novel, The Art of Racing in the Rain, and compliments the adult version very well. Looking for a good read with your teenager? These books are sure to give you lots to talk about.
Racing in the Rain: My Life as a DogRacing in the Rain Reading Guide