Meet the Author and Illustrator

Garth Stein

Garth Stein, Author

The books about Enzo and Zoë are written by author Garth Stein. Enzo, Zoë, and Denny are actually characters from a novel for grownups called The Art of Racing in the Rain. In the novel, Enzo and his family experience a great amount of personal loss and other challenges, which helps to make them a stronger family. Garth works to weave many of the lessons and stories from the grown up book into the Enzo children’s books. He also has a lot of experience teaching kids how to write stories and use language, so he uses big words in the kids books on purpose to help challenge young readers. Garth Stein has a dog named Comet and lives in Seattle, Washington with his wife and three sons.

R. W. Alley

R. W. Alley, Illustrator

The pictures in the Enzo children’s books were drawn by R.W. Alley. An illustration is a drawing that helps to explain something — to help tell a story, for example. In the Enzo books, R.W. Alley’s paintings help show what Enzo, Zoë, and Denny look like and also give  details about the world they live in, including how their neighborhood looks, the farm where Enzo was born, the woods around them, even how the neighborhood kids dress for Halloween. Art work is a big part of storytelling in children’s books. R.W. Alley has illustrated more than 100 books!