Pin the Tail on Enzo!

Oh no, Enzo Dragon has lost his tail!

With the help of a grown-up, follow the instructions below and see who can get the tail back where it belongs!

  1. Click on the images to download and print the parts.
  2. Tape the bottom half of Enzo Dragon to the top half.
  3. Separate the 4 tails and write kids’ names on them.
  4. Hang Enzo on a wall at kids’ eye level.
  5. Put a bit of blu tack on the back of each tail so it’ll stick (or use a pin if Enzo’s hanging on a wall that you can stick a pin into).
  6. Have the children line up in single file and blindfold the first child in the queue.
  7. Give them the Enzo tail and gently spin them around three times.
  8. Point the blindfolded child towards Enzo and ask them to place the tail on Enzo.
  9. Once every child has had a turn, the child with the Enzo Dragon tail closest to the correct position wins.
Enzo Pin Top Half
Top Half (1MB)
Enzo Pin Bottom Half
Bottom Half (1.3MB)
Tails (1.6MB)