Enzo & Zoë

Enzo is a dog and he really likes to go fast. When he’s not running fast, he spends his time watching car racing on TV with his “person,” Denny. Denny is a race car driver and talks about racing all the time. What Enzo loves even more than auto racing is Zoë, Denny’s daughter. Zoë and Enzo are best friends forever (bff). Enzo will do everything he can to make sure she’s taken care of.

Zoë’s really good at using her imagination and her favorite holidays are Halloween and Christmas. She’s not quite fast enough to keep up with Enzo, but she tries. They have a lot of fun, but sometimes get into trouble. When that happens, they need to work together to figure out a solution. They make a really good team.

Denny is Zoë’s Dad and got Enzo from a nearby farmer for a family pet. He works in an auto parts store, and drives race cars when he gets time. That’s something that Enzo really wants to do but he’s a dog so he doesn’t have thumbs to help him hold a steering wheel. Sometimes Denny is kind of sad. The last few years have been tough for him. But he has Zoë and Enzo, and they make him happy. They’re his family and he loves them very, very much.