Enzo’s Very Scary Halloween

Enzo's Very Scary Halloween!
It’s Enzo’s first Halloween and he doesn’t really understand what any of it means. The pumpkins with faces and Halloween decorations kind of creep him out. But he gets really scared when he sees Zoë and Denny transform into other creatures. To make it worse, Zoë seems to have changed him into a dragon and he’s afraid he’s become a danger to all of the little kid monsters that are showing up in the neighborhood on Halloween! How can he protect Zoë if he’s spewing fire with every breath? How can he overcome the Halloween spell? And will they outrun the evil pumpkins?

Written by Garth Stein | Illustrated by R.W. Alley | ISBN 978-0-06-238061-6

Reading & Discussion Guide

This guide will help to facilitate discussion around important learning themes presented in Enzo’s Very Scary Halloween!, encourage critical thought, and enrich young readers’ Enzo experience:
Enzo’s Very Scary Halloween! Reading and Discussion Guide

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