Enzo and the Christmas Tree Hunt!

Enzo and the Christmas Tree Hunt!
When Denny takes the family on a trip to find the perfect Christmas tree, Zoë and Enzo get lost in the woods. Then it starts to snow! Lost in a storm is no place for a little girl and her best friend, Enzo, and Denny is be worried sick! Enzo needs to find help. But how will anybody find them in the middle of a snow storm?

Written by Garth Stein | Illustrated by R.W. Alley | ISBN 978-0-06-229532-3

Sneak peek

For a sneak preview, check out this web sampler from the publisher, Harper Collins.

Reading & Discussion Guide

This guide will help to facilitate discussion around important learning themes presented in Enzo and the Christmas Tree Hunt!, encourage critical thought, and enrich young readers’ Enzo experience:
Enzo and the Christmas Tree Hunt! Reading and Discussion Guide

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