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Enzo is an adorable puppy whose action-packed adventures begin when he makes the journey from the farm where he was born, to the city where he discovers just how big the world is. This loveable mutt also finds the family that was meant to be his. In each new book and on his website, Enzo’s unforgettable personality, heartwarming lessons, and funny antics are shared with fans.

  • Enzo's Very Scary Halloween

    It’s Enzo’s first Halloween and he doesn’t really understand what any of it means. The pumpkins with faces and Halloween decorations kind of creep him out. But he gets really scared when he sees Zoë and Denny transform into other creatures. To make it worse, Zoë seems to have changed him into a dragon and he’s afraid he’s become a danger to all of the little kid monsters that are showing up in the neighborhood on Halloween! How can he protect Zoë if he’s spewing fire with every breath? How can he overcome the Halloween spell? And will they outrun the evil pumpkins?
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Enzo Read Poster

Enzo READ Posters

Promote literacy in your library or classroom. This fun poster features original artwork by R.W. Alley. Kids will be inspired to read along with Enzo and Zoë.
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